Eyes of Hope

For the past three years, Triton has supported HOPEthiopia in its Eyes of Hope Ophthalmic Services Project. The project offers free eye care services including cataract correction, trachoma surgery, and refractive error correction in the Harbu Chulule area of Oromia, Ethiopia. The burden of eye disease is extremely high in this region; an estimated 8% of adults over the age of 40 are blind from diseases that are often both preventable and curable. Unfortunately, eye care services are extremely scarce in the region and travelling to major cities for treatment is not financially feasible for most. Triton has shown its support for this organization through prize donations and attendance at the annual silent auction fundraiser. Triton Calgary employee Kristen Vinke has been quite involved in running this fundraiser event, and Triton donated $200 to the cause at this year’s fundraiser on Nov. 18. The event donation page can be found at the link here.Eyes of Hope collage-2016-12-02